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Monday 10 September 2007

State of Nation

Penny Carnaby

Visit in South Africa - lots of money going into community libraries. Felt like being "in the centre of an emerging democracy".

This year LIANZA & NatLib, working with Dept of Corrections to bring more literacy programmes into prisons. First Public Library Summit - libraries as "seriously dangerous places".

National Library

  • National Digital Heritage Archive. $24million budget. - world leading project, gaining international recognition.
  • Building redevelopment
  • New generation national library strategy

John Truesdale to join National Library team (press release at 10am)

The knowledge equation - things happening recently/to come:

  • Epic 2005
  • AnyQuestions 2006
  • findNZarticles 2006
  • Maori Subject Headings 2006
  • National Digital Heritage Archive 2005-08
  • Digital Strategy (disccussed 3x in South Africa)
  • World Summit on the information society
  • Matapihi
  • launch of Digital Content Strategy last week
  • OCLC brought into libraries of NZ - connecting all NZers to 57,000 libraries
  • People's Network
  • will go live in a few weeks
  • National Digital Forum - starting to say why don't we have national digitisation programmes?
  • Creative Commons coming in a few weeks
  • Community collections springing up - eg Kete Horowhenua; Cardrona

Homework for the next year: develop a nz framework (unifying search and discovery layer); connect the ketes.