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Thursday 22 December 2011

French open data and historic monuments

Way back I had this idea I'd keep up with library blogs in French (and another couple of languages I was semi-competent at, at least with the help of Google Translate) and feed back the occasional roundup of interesting stuff into the anglophone world. I did it a bit, then ran out of steam, then the rss feeds I followed got out of date so nowadays I've no idea where the really interesting conversations are happening.

But I still see the occasional tidbit, such as (via Des Bibliothèques 2.0) the launch of the official French Open Data website (A nice touch is that down the bottom of the page they link to Open Data initiatives in a bunch of other countries too.)

And even more cool, (via the same), Monuments historiques, a mashup of data from, OpenStreetMap, INSEE, Wikipedia and DBpedia, and Yahoo! (see more on the sources and process) which lets you search or browse for nearly 44,000 monuments in France by type, historic period, region, Metro stop... and gives you data, description, and images about each monument in a really pretty interface.