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Tuesday 11 September 2007

Access it: encouraging the new generation to engage with your library

Jane Robinson
(Julie Batchelor was to be here but AirNZ cancelled her flight.)

CPIT project. Three on team - reference librarian; academic in infolit, elearning; disability coordinator

Many students not coming in to tours as just not the right time for them. Wanted tour available to them at the right time and in the right format.

Thought about

  • users' expectations - read much about web 2.0 - people wanting to engage with library in different ways
  • social software; wanted to be "engaging students where they live"

Had idea of library tour but went on to do different things as well.
Wanted to focus on deaf students, students with specific learning needs, and Te Reo speakers. (Want to do podcasting in Te Reo.)

Branding important - to claim materials as your own, tie everything together and give it a theme.

Podcast library tour - audio in English with stills; video in NZSL; audio in Te Reo with stills hoped for. Other ideas: screen readable formats for print resources; use of 'read and write' software for text->MP3; braille-ready information; digital recorders for individual student needs ($100 from Dick Smith) eg instead of taking notes in lectures.

Endnote example: a couple of stills and then speech for three minutes.

Into public setting - podcasting of book reviews.
Advertising - slot in radio, in newspaper.
Enhanced podcasts - include video clips


  • what technology? - Windows MovieMaker good for audio but not video. So moved to Mac (GarageBand) which is set up for creating podcasts - saved a lot of time and hassle to use this.
  • need of buy-in - need to communicate well with staff to disseminate technologies, and empower and get buy-in
  • pedagogically-driven - not just for the sake of the tech
  • reliance on specialists - much reliance on tech experts
  • time issues - fun but time-consuming
  • haven't had time for many great ideas as initial development work has taken a lot of time
  • continuity - shot on two different days and NZSL signer wearing different clothes

Where to from here?

  • recording of lectures with dictaphone as has most potential

Compatibility - audio with all mp3 players, video only iPod
How promoted - not promoted yet