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Thursday 28 October 2010

My earthquake post

I've just blogged "Rocking the Library" at Libraries Interact.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Links of interest 20/10/2010

QR Codes
(What's a QR Code? See QR Codes: An Overview.)

Google has launched, a URL shortening service (like,, etc) which as a bonus gives you a QR code: eg links to this blog and gives you a pretty QR code you can paste onto a poster. Shortly thereafter, joined in the fun.

On the downside I recall reading (somewhere on the internet; it sounded plausible at the time) that, cool as QR codes sound, since they're mostly being used by advertisers, actual real people aren't really all that keen on using them.[citation needed] On the upside, I've also heard anecdotes from people who do use them. And in any case they don't cost any money and almost zero time.

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