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Tuesday 11 September 2007

The Digital Content Strategy: what's in it for libraries?

Sue Sutherland
No written paper accompanies it because need to read the strategy itself.

It's a whole of government / whole of country strategy. Genesis in Digital Strategy 2005 with three Cs - connection, content, confidence. NatLib given task of developing digital content strategy. Received 90 submissions inuding composite submissions so huge amount of info to absorb.Won't be a strategy for five years as everything changing. Virtual strategy so will be updated/modified as things cchange.

Four influencing factors

  • public digital space - formal/informal, public/rivate
  • high-speed broadband
  • digital convergence
  • content on demand - ease of use and easy of discovery - if not, won't be used - how do we ensure our content is visible?

Five element framework

  • creating and protecting digital content

    • need to think about access and protection directly when it's being created - tension between control of rights and availability of information
    • responses include creative commons for NZ - building iCT skills and knowledge individually, not just the techies. - participate in debate on cultural content

  • accessible and discoverable content

    • challenge to optimise content for search (standards etc) and others
    • new initiatives: te reo maori and pacific languages metadata project (between NatLib, Te Papa, Archives NZ to develop metadata standard); digital NZ; research NZ (funded TEC and unis fudning institutional repositories)
    • responses include: digisation, adoption of interoperable standards, indexes online, repositories, accessibility on other devices eg cellphones

  • sharing and using content

    • new initiatives - stats NZ to get data online and accessible; national heritage; people's Network;
    • responses: unlock public content, free internet access, web 2.0 strategies

  • managing and preserving

    • digital archives preservation, documenting creative and performing arts project

  • digital content is understood

    • world internet project - international study out of AUT to get data on impact of internet on everyday lives
    • responses - read, read, think!