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Thursday 19 July 2012

Links of interest: ebooks, leadership, and change

In the Library With the Lead Pipe publishes a provocative and persuasive essay on the eBook Cargo Cult, beginning
"Libraries created the present crisis in scholarly publishing, and we are creating a similar crisis now with our approach to ebooks."
A brief history of how libraries have handled (or given outsiders power over us by paying them to handle) the indexing of serials and how we're doing the same with ebooks is followed by an overview of alternative models for ebook management - several great ones I'm familiar with including Unglue.It and Library License, and several more that are new to me.

Ellyssa Kroski has gathered her three posts on How To Compare e-Book Platforms (points to consider include technical requirements; content; functionality; and sales/pricing model) along with her presentation providing a background to these criteria.

Two very insightful posts: the Librarian in Black posts 7 Lessons Learned While Being The Man; the Free Range Librarian responds with her own perspective in I am The Man — and you can, too!

Jenica (Attempting Elegance) posts an 8-part blog version of her presentation on Killing Fear: