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Tuesday 5 May 2009

Links of interest 5/5/09

"Links of interest" is an irregular series of posts I started making recently to MPOW's internal blog, based on items culled from FriendFeed, Twitter, and Google Reader. I started thinking it was a shame not to have it available publicly, so here it is. NB Dates on future posts will be in dd/mm/yy format....

Lessons from the library booth at a local festival: or how not to engage customers

A blog post on New Citation Rules in the 7th Edition of the MLA Handbook.

Merck makes phony peer-review journal to promote a drug, published by Elsevier.

Google Maps adds historical maps of Japan which turn out to accidentally facilitate discrimination.

UCOL tweets that: "UCOL Library now has over 20 wireless laptops students can use anywhere on campus. You can borrow a laptop for up to 3 hours."

National Library explains Twitter - they compare it to Personal Items columns in early 20th century newspapers, describe the feedback and interaction they've had for their account, and talk about how they do it.