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Tuesday 12 May 2009

Links of interest 12/5/09

Lav Notes: help for the stalled (pdf) is a one-side library newsletter posted in library bathroom stalls. A colleague of its author mentions a library which posted butcher paper in the bathroom stalls and invited temporary grafitti. Cheaper than repainting!

Finding Physical Properties of Chemicals: A Practical Guide for Scientists, Engineers, and Librarians (pdf)

From Twitter, "New Zealand music month + free performances = [Dunedin Public Library's] YouTube channel enjoy!"

"University of Oregon Library['s] faculty unanimously passed a resolution requiring all library faculty-authored scholarly articles to be licensed CC BY-NC-ND." That is, they retain copyright but authorise anyone to copy, share and use it so long as they attribute its source (BY), use it for non-commercial purposes only (NC), and don't change it (non-derivative=ND).

Notes from a presentation "on the potential use of mobile devices and cell phones for providing library services and resources".
More and more people have web-enabled cellphones. Examples of libraries who've done this include: