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Tuesday 19 May 2009

Links of interest 19/5/09

NZ On Screen gives free online access to selected NZ On Air television. (They also won the Best Entertainment Site award at the 2009 Qantas Media Awards on Saturday.) The World Cinema Foundation has digitised a selection of international films.

Professor Peter Murray-Rust says "The bit of Wikipedia that I wrote is correct."

Wolfram Alpha has gone live. This is a "computational knowledge engine" - meaning it's intended to read and parse your question then search its index of facts and put them together to give you an answer (rather than Google which just gives you a bunch of pages which may or may not contain an answer). It's early days so of course a lot of questions will confuse it, but it does well on things like "How old is Helen Clark?", "Who directed Dangerous Liaisons?", "What languages are spoken in India?", and "What is the meaning of life?"

Christchurch City Libraries has their annual booksale this Friday/Saturday.