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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Beyond social #ndf2012

Beyond Social
DK @justadandak
If social (media) is no longer the new shiny set of tools that everyone gasps at then what are the next set of questions? In this fast-paced session, DK will balance his presentation with overarching cross-sector 'big picture' strategies right through to platform-specific tools and techniques which deliver.
DK (yes, just a D and a K) is a social media advisor who has helped people like UNICEF, BBC, the Gates Foundation, Welsh National Assembly etc. He lives on the internet at @justadandak

Not going to talk about "Why Twitter is cool" because assumes we already know that.

Shows interactive TV from 1953 Winky Dink where kids had printouts and at some point in show it told them to join the dots.

April 20th someone became first person to edit Wikipedia 1,000,000 times - rewarded by Wikipedia with a day named for him.

Quick dirty simple ideas for museums (people are already aggregating stuff for you- why not borrow/steal/embed existing work?). Problem is at conference people get excited and then realise they have to go back to work.

"Culture eats strategy for lunch" - Peter Drucker. We need a culture that embraces social media - it's not one person's job. Doesn't mean everyone needs a Twitter account, but everyone needs to embrace idea.

(Lots of animated gifs in this slideshow.)

We need to become a lot more curious about other people's work. Not just within GLAM but outside the sector. Social media lets us do that with RSS feeds.

Currently we think of our website as a destination. But the most popular places on the planet are not destinations, they're intersections. Google's popular but we don't go there to stay there - we go there to go somewhere else. Same with Twitter. We should be an "intersection of amazingness".

"Trust people to know that there's a back button on their browser."

Recommends Rework by Fried. DK wrote notes as read it summarising it, posted to blog. Two weeks later retweeted by author (who "could have gone a different way with that") and got tens of thousands of hits on his blog - and was then remixed by someone else adding colour; and then someone in Sweden remixed that into a more corporate-style format. Nothing the author could have planned!

Ideas - "Social media Tuesday" once a month for social media geeks to get together over lunch and share - build culture

For a long time Mr Potato was sold without the potato because they assumed you already had one.

Clip of William Gibson talking about how we can get a bit "iPads, meh. gene therapy, whatever" about the present. DK says instead of looking forward to future, should sometimes focus on using the cool stuff that already exists.

Could ask us "Who's got a social media strategy?" and hands would go up. But what if he asked "Who's got a cultural strategy?"