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Tuesday 13 October 2009

Making IT work for you

Warwick Grey and Corin Haines
Warwick from HP - never set out to do IT but fell into it.

Tech trends 2009
  • netbook adoption accelerates
  • built-in wireless broadband usage widens
  • cell phones get more software
  • unified communications increase
  • online data backups proliferate
  • social media becomes strategic at home and in business
  • online video gets cheaper and there's more of it
  • video conference solutions expand
  • hosted software applications
  • online presence gap widens as more customers use online search before they buy

"My young life was in black and white and nothing was what I chose to watch."
1970 calculator
1971 microprocessor
1974 colour television
1989 world of DOS
2008-2030 pervasive computing environment

Instead of building infrastructure should build community
create content -> create loyalty
enable transactions -> enable self-service
capture eyeballs -> capture experts
integrating applications -> integrating channels

Launching new fashion laptops - colours and imprinted designs

Increasingly looking at sharing information with many people at once instead of one-on-one email, video conferencing.

Cloud services = shared under virtualised management accessible over the internet
Social networking = staying connected with more people in more places

People marketing business on Twitter - fast growing network.
Demonstrates a video recorded yesterday on a Flip camera and uploaded to YouTube
Demonstrates mash-up he made of out-of-copyright music from World War I with photos National Library uploaded to Flickr Commons

Skype has been released for phones
Should be putting RSS options into news we provide
Bookmarking and sharing - even bookabach gives you 55 options to bookmark their pages
Mashup with Google Maps lets you show where you've run
Have a facebook site for your library!

Touch-screens are getting big - demonstrates touch notebook moving things on screen, magnifying video, etc - "Windows 7 is like Vista without the brain cancer"

Video showing touch-screen possibilities - fingerpainting on screen, putting together a jigsaw puzzle with a moving image, put camera on touch screen and photos appear wirelessly on the screen.

(NB I've left out most of the plugs for HP-specific technology :-)

Shows Windows Movie Maker - looks fairly similar to iMovie.

Engage customrs where conversations/activity is already taking place
Empower your internal advocates (HP measures who's most positive in their twittering about HP)
Accelerate and efforts across your organisation