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Monday 29 August 2011

New Zealand libraries on Twitter (part 1)

[Edited 30/8 to add some more names and htmlise the @ links. Shall try not to edit further without extreme provocation. :-) ]

I tweeted that I was planning a blogpost about New Zealand libraries on Twitter, but neglected to mention that by "planning" I meant that I have all sorts of cool ideas about it in my head, the extraction of which generally depends on what other cool ideas I come up with in the meantime. This seems a bit unfair, so I decided at least I can blog this much so far, and hopefully having blogged a bit will inspire me to keep going.

So, I have a list of all the New Zealand libraries I've found on Twitter. (If I've missed one out, please let me know!) As of today, these break down to:

(Oh Access! The whole point of me typing this up in a database was so I could rearrange the information and copy/paste it out again! If I'd known you were going to be like this I'd have used Excel! --Hah, found the export function.)

Academic Libraries

Public Libraries
@Ed_Puke_Ariki (I think? or possibly should count as museum, for which I have another more haphazard list.)
[ETA @RotoruaLibrary]

School Libraries

Special Libraries
[ETA @L2_S2S]

Stuff that's awesome but isn't a library communicating with its users

I may remove have removed this last category from my list and will remove it from any further analysis I do.

Not all of these accounts are currently in use. Further analysis to follow in due course.