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Wednesday 5 August 2009

Belated day-in-the-life of a librarian

I didn't do this at the same time as everyone else for a few reasons:
  • when it was announced, I was off sick with flu (my brother calculates that, statistically speaking, it was probably swine flu, so that's exciting) so my day-in-the-life post would have been "spent the day catching up with a week's worth of emails and blog posts"
  • only a month ago we learned that we have to merge two of our branches between now and the start of next year so I've been feeling too busy to write anything
  • it would have been awkward to write about a day in my life when those things were all related to this merger that hadn't been fully announced to our users
But I have been keeping brief notes of my days for a few weeks now on Memiary as a way to reassure myself, "See, I did accomplish something today," so I can recreate these now:

There's an average of two hours a week on the desk on top of these.

Mon 27 Jul 2009
1. Attempt to catch up after sick leave.
2. Set up Te Wiki o te Reo Māori display.
3. Reply to the Facebook comment re selling textbook and set up a discussion topic.
4. Attend meeting re merger.
5. Make blogpost about Knovel title of the week.

Tue 28 Jul 2009

1. Caught up blogs.
2. Weeded more.
3. Worked on merger communication plan.
4. Arranged to meet colleague in another department.

Wed 29 Jul 2009

1. Met with manager re merger communications.
2. Weeded duplicates from TN.
3. Desk shifts, virtual reference.

(Thursday I seem to have been too busy to make notes. It probably involved desk shifts, weeding, weeding while on the desk, and stand-up meetings at the desk about weeding.)

Fri 31 Jul 2009

1. Finished Facebook launch report for library leadership team.
2. Facebook event housekeeping.
3. Weeded in TAs. And continued.
4. Lunch meeting.
5. First blog post re merger.

This week is continuing fairly similarly for me but with an added booksale of the books that we've been weeding.