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Wednesday 18 June 2008

Database RSS alerts - Errata

A few things I missed the first time around:
  1. Ovid:
    • has Contents alerts which work immediately.
    • I went in again this evening to try to create an RSS search alert which might actually send me results ("trees" perhaps not being general enough and "effects" apparently being a stop word, I thought I might try "properties"), and couldn't find my way back to create a search alert at all. So I went back to the instructions I'd written for our postgrads on how to do it... and discovered that the RSS button isn't now where it was two days ago. I have screenshots so I know I'm not going mad:


      Yes, I've tried both logged in and logged out.

  2. ProQuest:
    • I commented on Tame The Web that I hadn't received any alerts yet from ProQuest; I now have.

  3. Scitation provides alerts:
    • on addition to the database
    • search alerts
    • by RSS - but the RSS link has to be manually edited if you're using the database through a proxy server

  4. Standards New Zealand:
    • also has Topic alerts