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Wednesday 26 March 2008

Not having a good Web 2.0 day

It's my late night tonight so, thrust straight onto the busy desk at 1pm after a quiet weekend I was already suffering from first-day-back syndrome. Between requests for "Mechanics of Materials" (my new canned catalogue tutorial introduction now begins with "Do you mean the 'Mechanics of Materials' by Hibbeler, Gere, Craig, Riley, or Beer and Johnston?") I've been trying to catch up on a couple hundred blog posts. I've got a good system for this which combines Google Reader, Firefox's tabs for the interesting ones, and the generally excellent Diigo's bookmarking for the keepers.

Today Diigo wanted me to sign in. I figured this was because I'd been gone several days over Easter, so I complied and went back to bookmarking. It kept wanting me to sign in, but (between requests for "the blue Mechanics of Materials" - this narrows it down to either Gere or Beer and Johnston) I found it easier to keep complying and bookmarking than to stop and wonder why. Only after a few hours of this did I notice that one of my bookmarking attempts was giving me a small error message. And only half an hour later did I realise that nothing I'd bookmarked today had in fact been saved.

Half an hour later I worked out the reason: Diigo has been upgraded to Diigo 3.0. I had read about this earlier in the day (some guy reviewed it and complained that other reviews missed the point - but it being a bad Web 2.0 day I can't find the review anymore) and put it on my "investigate tomorrow maybe" list. I hadn't realised that failing to immediately download the new toolbar completely broke any functionality the old toolbar had had.

That? Not User-Friendly.

I now have the new toolbar, and it is indeed cool, but not cool enough to assuage my bitterness at having to wade back through a couple hundred blog posts and rebookmark everything of interest.

Oh - maybe I got the news about Diigo by email; that'd explain why it's not in my Google Reader results. I can't check right now because my institution's email system seems to be on the blink.