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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Links of Interest 23/8/2011 - What Students Don't Know (and bonus marketing)

This has exploded onto the various networks I follow, so it seems a good time to gather some other links with it:

What students don't know gives an overview of findings from an ethnographic study of how students at various Illinois universities research, and is a vital read for anyone in the academic environment working with students.

Related links:
Unrelated links, on marketing:
  • Gavia Libraria writes about all those times people say "So you're a librarian? So... you... shelve books?..." and suggests Representing Ourselves by telling people what we do (in elevator pitch format - she gives examples) rather than waste time attempting to argue about stereotypes.
  • Mr Library Dude collects a bunch of Social Media Ideas & Prizes for Libraries from various libraries.