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Monday 3 November 2008

LIANZA awards 2008

Joint Letter of Recognition: Bicultural Development
to the Maori Subject Headings Steering Committee
(Anne Anderson, Jenny Barnett, Alison Elliott, Kitty Murray, Glenn Taitoko, Lisa Tocker)
and to the Maori Subject Headings Project Team
(Robyn East, Rangiiria Hedley, Judy Keats, Anne Reweti, Whina Te Whiu)

Rua Mano Award
Hinerangi Kara
Sheeanda Field

LIANZA Fellowships
Rosalie Blake
Alan Edwards
Beverly Fletcher
Geraldine Howell
Michaela O'Donovan
Alison Fields

LIANZA Associates
Marleene Boyd
Megan Clark
Kim Taunga
Kris Wehipeihana
Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui
Sheila Ford
Cherie Shum
Janet Upton
Samantha Searle
Julie Anne Farquharson
Craig Murray
Margaret Walker
Louise Booth
Helen Brownlie
Elizabeth Finnie
Bernie Hawke
Mark Hughes
Andrea Simonsen

LIANZA Award of Merit: Management
Hilary Rendell

LIANZA Award of Merit: Marketing
Anne Thompson, Mercine Davidson, Chelsea Hughes for "Be heard forever"

Edith Jessie Carnell Travelling Scholarship
Bernie Hawke

Crown Records Management Scholarships
Jackie Claridge and Anne Dickson

YBP/Lindsay and Croft Award for Collection Services
Linda Geddes

Emerald Research Project Prize
Nicola Rawnsley

3M Awards for Innovation
2nd prize - Helena Westwick, Uni of Auckland for CareerSearch
1st prize - Jane Brooker, Massey Uni, for Connecting Virtually With Our Students